Photographer // World Traveller
  Show of Hands  Perdidit Imperium Henrique Montesanti   Photographs on Canvas   Perdidit Imperium is inspired by the theme of Hands and Destruction, as an Artist I believe that everything that we have created will eventually bring forth our own destruction. That is why I chose to use pictures related to human achievements, so I had images of buildings, that symbolize Architecture, I also had images of statues, airplanes and factories. I then decided to have it in a natural background, so it would have an interesting juxtaposition of the developed and the natural, once I burned it, it really blended in well with the ashes and created an effect that was beyond my expectation.     Everything that we built with our hands is symbolised within the actual hand, and once I burned the hand, I wanted to show that everything will fall and we will fall with it, so I am showing that what we built with our own hands will be destroyed. At first, I was inspired by artworks that involved collages with alternative materials, which led me to build my piece.   

Perdidit Imperium