Photographer // World Traveller


Exploring Wildlife Photography

As I try to discover my true passion within photography, I have been experimenting with several types of photography, once of them being Wildlife photography. I think that its very exciting to try and capture animals in their natural habitats, and after living in South Africa, I have tried my best to experiment with this type of photography in Brazil. Even thought we seem like a country that might have a lot of wild life, we don't, specially in the south eastern part of the country, where most of our cities are concentrated. This is why I have mostly focused on birds. There is a beach called Riviera de São Lourenço in the Brazilian coastline near São Paulo, and this town has a lot of birds, so I try to do my best and go out to take pictures of them! My first experience in Brazil taking wildlife photography was when I was able to photography 2 owls by their next, and when I took their picture, I was truly captivated by their beauty. As you can see from the image below, the image is truly captivating. I think that the way in which the owl is looking directly into the camera makes the audience connect to a personal level with the owl. This image truly captivated me to explore this medium of photography. Of course, it was challenging. It required a lot of patience in order to capture this image, and maybe thats not something that comes so easily to me. I tend to be very anxious when it comes to my pictures, and I also like to be in control of the situation, making this medium challenging.