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Underwater Action Photography

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

After exploring underwater photography in my swimming pool and in the ocean, I now decided to add people into my images! I think that if I add people into my images I am then able to connect my passion for portraiture with underwater photography, it's always important to connect your passion with what your trying to explore, then this way you are able to truly engage in the activity. When I started taking pictures in my pool, I still didn't have my swimming goggles, but what I was able to do was direct my models to fit my frame. This time, I stayed above the water but alway kept my camera under, this way I was able to have an idea to where they would fit into my frame. Initially I ways kept one image in my head, I really wanted to explore the bubbles that it would make when someone abruptly jumped in the water. As you can see from the image above, the form and shape of the water and the model is quite captivating. So I started experimenting in my swimming pool, below you will be able to see a picture of my subject jumping into the water. 

I really liked the outcome of this image. I think that the shape and form of the subject really adds to to the outcomes of the bubbles. Of course, this image is not perfect. This was just a continued experimentation to see what I was capable of when I was in my own environment. I think that this image has a lot of potential, but there were a lot of things that I didn't like about this image. 

  1. The swimming pool is very distracting
  2. The stairs, lightbulb and drain in the background are also distracting 
  3. The image isn't horizontally "straight"

But, this image still has a lot of potential and the format of the bubbles is exactly what I was looking for when experimenting with this medium. The main challenge that I had with this image was the post editing process. When photographing underwater in a swimming pool with a digital camera, the lens is able to capture a lot of the sedimentation of the chlorine. So the image ends up being very clouded. Below, you will be able to see the difference between the before and after the post editing.