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Exploring Underwater Photography

I've been wanting to explore underwater photography for some time now, and after I purchased a housing for my camera, I finally had the resources to do so. As I explored the different types of underwater photography that I wanted to do, I decided to test out my housing in two different environments, in a regular swimming pool and the ocean. I thought that if I were able to master my camera in both these environments I would be able to get a good range of images, and different environments that I could potentially explore. 

The first few pictures that I started taking underwater in my swimming pool were quite a challenge because I thought that I wasn't going to need any goggles. I was so wrong. Because it was basically a guessing game, because I couldn't see anything that I was photographing. So in order to take pictures, I decided to point directly up, so this way I would photograph the shape and format of the water. I got some interesting outcomes: 

As I continued to photograph underwater, I noticed that I wasn't going to be very successful if I didn't have a way to plan out my picture, or even be able to see through my camera. This is when I decided that I should go out into the ocean just to see what I could get. When I initially went in, I noticed that I had to be very careful in order not to get slammed by the wave. Because initially I wanted to capture the curvature of wave right before its about to break. But the beach that I usually go to doesn't have massive waves, so its curvature wasn't very big. This is when I decided to capture "candid" pictures of the ocean, showing the essence and nature of the beach, passing the experience to the audience. The first image that you can see below reflects upon that idea, this image is featured in the album "Largo Madreperola" in the Miscellaneous tab above.  

After taking this picture, I decided to add a Kodak filter, it really adds upon the colour and it can really highlight many features in this image. Even thought this picture isn't focused, you can still clearly see everything in it. This image also has many layers, the water in front, the beach, the plan trees, and then the mountains in the background. I think that this candid image of the beach with the wave clashing upon the camera shows a perspective that isn't usually seen in our everyday lives and I believe that it can really transport you to the moment that I was in. The second image that I was able to capture, that is also featured in the album "largo Madreperola". 

This second image from this series is very interesting. Unlike the first image, it is focused on the water, so its not much pf a candid but a focused image. I think that this image is very interesting because it shows an unseen side of the ocean. Many times, we can't see things like this in the water, because we are so worried with protecting our eyes, that the camera is able to capture images like these. The abstract shape of the water is very interesting and I think that I have a great potential with working with purpose water splashes in order to create more abstract and interesting images. Moreover, I think that by having these different depths of field, (unfocused water in front, focused water, beach, mountains) can create an interesting juxtaposition between abstraction and realism. Because at the same time that we see the abstract shape of the water, we see the literal world behind it. By having this clear juxtaposition, I think that this image can really apply to my line of work. 

I really enjoyed this first experimentation with underwater photography, now, I want to add people into my images, and I think that this will have an even bigger impact on the audience.