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Exploring Lines

© Tim Head

© Tim Head

Since I am an IB Diploma Candidate, I have enrolled myself into the IB Visual Arts Course. One of the requirements of the course is to work with different mediums of art; This is why I have decided to work with a new medium, Drawing. Since I don't have much experience with drawing, i've decided to work with abstract art, and work with the essentials in order to start creating a drawing. In order to do this, I have decided to explore Lines! After researching, I found a great artists that uses lines, and his work truly captivated me. I thought that the way in which the lines come together really allows for the audience to interact with the piece. So I decided to experiment with lines! At first, I wanted to see the effect in between straight and free drawn lines. In order to do this, I decided to use a fine line sharpie pen, this way, I knew exactly what model I was using in case i ran out and needed backups. 

Once I started experimenting, I used a simple A4 sized paper, but it wasn't enough, I thought that I need to use a bigger scale in order to truly get something out of this image. This is when I took out the poster paper! The minute I started putting those lines on the paper, I didn't want to worry whether or not they were straight, I didn't want to worry whether or not if they were starting parallel to each other, I jut wanted to draw those lines based on the moment that I was living. I thought that the lines had a big reflection upon my mood, and it helped me to find my zen. As you can see below, the two images show the difference in between the free hand drawn lines, and the straight lines. I am quite satisfied with the result, and would definitely like to take this to a bigger scale!