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Exploring Lifestyle Photography

While visiting Trancoso, I had the opportunity of experimenting with various types of photography. The one that I had the most fun with was working with lifestyle photography, even thought it has a certain similarity with Fashion Photography, you also have to take the architecture of the place that you are in. So working with lighting, furniture, decoration and coordinating with my model was a very interesting and unique experience. 

I broke the photoshoot into 3 different spaces:

  1. I wanted to work with the dining area, where I was able to capture the unique background, which includes a beautiful artwork and garden. Of course, I wasn't able to move the furniture around as much as I could, but I was able to put the figure in the bottom left hand side, and put the pot on top of the table. By doing this, i was able to add more detail to the house. When I was working with this particular scene, I decided not to use the flash, so this way i would be able to capture the natural lighting that the house had to offer. 
  2. The second area that I wanted to work with was the "transition hallway".  Since the house was in between two different levels, it had this long and wide hallways connecting the dining area with the main living room. It had a long bench by the wall, which had big windows that showed the garden. This allowed for a lot of natural lighting to show, as well as the vibrant colours that the garden had to offer. When telling my model how to pose, she felt uncomfortable with the way that her legs were positioned, so we had the idea to cover it with a pillow that would be able to complement the background. I also repositioned some of the pottery located by the sitting area, so that the colours could also complement the background and the pillow. Unlike the first picture, I had to use the flash in order to capture the lighting in the background and the foreground. I was very happy with this picture, I thought that it was very uncles and personal and is able to connect with the audience. 
  3. In this last image from this series, I wanted to capture the model outside of the house. I thought that by capturing the subject outside of the house would allow me to connect everything that I had done in that particular photoshoot, allowing me to transition thought the whole house, and ending in the beginning. The colours in the image complement each other making the image very bold and vibrant.

Images can be found respectively below: