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Working with Lines - Photoshoot - Picking Clothes

As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to work with clothes that have modern cuts, and that reflect upon the intent of my work. Initially I wanted to design a dress based on these options that I had selected from pinterest: 

As it can be seen from the images above, these are simple dresses that follow what I am trying to do. When I think about my model embracing the lines, I can envision the model literally doing so, specifically with the clothes that I chose for her. So when I was browsing some clothes that I could potentially borrow from a store, I thought about the designer Carol Arbex.

Carol Arbex is a Brazilian designer and lifestyle reference when it comes to fashion. She designs clothes with a purpose and a revolving theme, just like any collection. But what intrigues me about her work is that she likes to base her collections on other artists, and working with social issues. The collection that called my attention to her work was based upon the artist called Aecio Sarti. Below, you will be able to see one of her dresses and the work from the artist that inspired it:

The work, on the left, is created based on the images of baby angels, and the dresses on the right, are the images of the baby angels themselves. The dress was created inspired on the works of this artist, and his intent to use his work as something that can change a community. When I was looking at the works of this particular artist, I was intrigued and when I saw one of her other pieces, I thought that it would really go well with my intent. Below is going to be one of the dresses that I will use, created by this designer, Carol Arbex. 

The piece on the right belongs to her summer 2017 collection, and I thought that by having a piece of clothing that is mainly composed of lines, and also has a component that embraces the skin colour really adds on to my intent. Because not only will the model be subject to the lines, but also have her clothes embrace her. I think that for one of the pieces of clothing that embrace the lines, but I also have pieces at home that I will use in order to experiment and see how the model can also embrace the lines, but can also juxtapose them. 

Henrique Montesanti