Photographer // World Traveller


Working with Lines - Photography

When working with this big canvas, I didn't really know what to do next, I didn't know how I was going to document it, or even show it. This is why I decided not to, I thought that my work would only justify itself if it could only be seen in person. Because this artwork reflects upon my journey as an artist, and embraces the ideals of a modern and conceptual society. Which is why I want people to be embraced by the lines. The only way I think that I can truly show this is with photography, and if I really want  show how people are going to be embraced by these lines, I need to show it with photography. I need to show this with fashion, and having people pose by the lines. This idea wasn't the main focus of this project, and wasn't what I truly envisioned, but If I want to show how these lines represent me, I want to juxtapose with the one one constant with my life, which is photography. 

I want to show people being embraced by the lines, and by using fashion as a complement, I think that it can really work. This is why I thought that I should start looking into what clothes I would want to use. Initially, I wanted to design a piece of clothing that I envisioned, but in the end, I thought that it was going to be too complicated. Like, I'm no fashion designer, I don't know how to measure people, how to make sizes, even if I were to get it tailored for someone specific. So I decided to look for things that I had similar to what I had envisioned. Below, you will be able to see some images of clothes that I had envisioned for my photoshoot. 

As you can see from the 4 images above, I envisioned very clean and plain white clothes, so that I could show my model being embraced by the lines, specifically in the vein. I wanted something modern in order to symbolise this conceptual society. The first dress, is just something clean that I envisioned, but the following images, I wanted to sexualise my model a little but more. So by using a short dress, but by constraining them by the neck. So I thought that essentially, these were some pretty good designs. Since I decided to create a juxtaposition in my work, I thought that I could create another one, by showing the model excelling the lines, so being something different from this modern and conceptual society. I thought that I would show that, differently. I wanted to maintain the cut of the dresses, but change their colour, to make them completely different. 

Henrique Montesanti