Photographer // World Traveller


Working with Lines Part 2

In order to continue with my exploration of lines, I have decided to work on a very large canvas, and by large I mean HUGE! The canvas, which is just a huge piece of rolled up paper is 10 meters long and 2 meters tall. So when I draw my lines on them, it will be on a huge scale! As you can see below, there is an image of how big the paper is going to be, and me working on it below. Initially I thought of creating the continuous lines, but when working on such a huge scale, its hard for me to kneel down and constantly draw the lines. So I decided to sit on the floor and draw the lines in different parts, but continuously. I thought that in the end it was a produtive way to get my lines done. I tried several times to put the paper up on the wall, but there was a huge risk that it would collapse, and I didn't want to get it dirty or have it rip in half. 



As you can see from the images above, the paper has quite a large dimension, and working on it was quite a challenge. In the end of that day, I had worked for 3 solid hours, and I was able to get like 5 or 6 lines. Of course, one of the biggest struggles was getting the paper down, working on it, and then having to roll it back up. Once I finished those 5 or 6 lines, I decided that constantly rolling the paper would damage it, and it did... Because when I was rolling it up, part of it ripped, at least it was towards the end, so I could just cut it off. This is when I decided to move to a more permanent place. That night, I decided to call myself an Uber Bag +, so that way, I would be able to take it home. 

By taking it home, I would be able to open it up and leave it that way. I just had to make sure that my dog wouldn't be able to step on it! In the end, it just took me five more days to finish it, I just wanted to make sure that I was pacing myself, so this way, I would be enjoying the process, and would be able to rest my back for a while. When looking at the images above, you can see how I'm leaning in from the sides, but any rational being would know that eventually I would need to switch to the other side of the paper, and I did so, which was a big struggle. The main difficulty was finding space to do it, I was able to fit the paper in my house, but the width was very squished, so at times, I had to lean into the paper. In the end, I was almost done with the second side, and I LOVED the negative space that I left in between bot line sections. I was therefore envisioning it, and thought that this big vein would allow the audience to connect with the piece. The thickness of the line, even thought from a big distance couldn't be seen very well, made the audience come closer. I love that idea. I believe that every line tells a story, and draws themselves, which is why I want to audience to feel that connection, to see every bump of the road, imperfection and perfection. So this way, they can truly understand the purpose of this artwork. 

Henrique Montesanti