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Exploring Lines - Continued

As I continue to explore lines based on Tim Heads artworks, I have noticed that I have drifted off from his almost perfect lines, and moved to creating more abstract shapes. I believe at this point, after drawing countless number of lines, that they draw themselves, and they choose their own path, so I must look for another artist that does the same thing. I think that in order to continue with my work, I must do something more abstract, and explore the shape of the lines. As I researched artists, I had the help of my photography teacher Karin Gunn. She helped me find an artist whom she's friends with, that also works with lines. 

Born in 1981 in Brazil, Daniela Antonelli also works with lines and now lives in Rio de Janeiro. Her work is breath taking and is composed in long papers. This goes along the lines of what I wanted to explore, so creating lines that were on big pieces of paper. Below, you will be able so see some pictures of her work. 

© Daniela Antonelli    Ink on Polyester Paper,     120 x 80 cms, 2015

© Daniela Antonelli

Ink on Polyester Paper, 

120 x 80 cms, 2015

It can be seen that the dimension of the work really adds onto the context of the work, I think that the abstract shapes that overlay each other really add onto the shape and form of the piece. Moreover, I think that the different textures and thicknesses of the ink also adds more importance to certain aspects of this piece. I think that if I were to apply some of these traits into my work it would be the abstract forms that overlay, and try to work with different thicknesses together. When creating my original lines, I knew that I wanted to do it from point A to point B, knowing where the line would start to where it would go. Visually I knew what I wanted my work to look like, but essentially I think that these abstract shapes are more interesting than the "straight" lines. 

Below, you will see a gallery with more work from Daniela, these can be found the front page of her website  and are quite captivating. The images are very abstract, and I think that the round shape inside the rectangular paper really adds upon to the juxtaposition that is already present in between the colours. The images below belong to a series, they are all Ink over paper and have a dimension of 180 x 80 cms. 

All of the images above are truly captivating, and I think that is a good start to my investigation on lines. I think that this goes towards the direction that I want to go as I explore abstract shapes with new mediums in art. I will still continue my exploration with straight lines, and I think that they have a good potential when I connect it with photography, but if I were to go into this line of work, I wouldn't connect it with photography but would rather keep it as an artwork directly on the wall.